Monday, July 5, 2010

Sewing school at Bon Berger.

Some of the local children on the way to Bon Berger, giving us a warm "Mondelli" greeting.

Manual transport of goods in the Congo.

Meeting with Pastor Mavungu

Another great day! We started by meeting with Pastor Mavungu who is the Assistant Director for Missions of the Mennonite Brethern Church in DR Congo. He shared with us a great vision for outreach. They have a 6 year plan in place to recruit missionaries and share God's love in their country. They have many challenges, including lack of funding and tribal racism (between the Pygmys and Bantou in Kiri).

Then we made our way into the most impoverished area of Kanshasa. We took a couple of Rickshaws as far as we could and then walked into Camp Luka. There was so much garbage around and the conditions were definitely extremely poor. The children along the streets were very exited to see the "Mondelli" (white man). We vistied the Bon Berger clinic with Dr. Delphin. This is a ministry that has been blessed by God. Three doctors and eleven nurses work there to help the poorest in the community. They also operate a micro-credit loans office, a sewing school and art program for the children. Jesus is truly blessing this ministry!

Next we stopped by Bomoi Ya Sika where 27 orphans have been rescued off the streets. We stayed there for only a short time, playing some games and singing songs. The children were so gratefull and hugged us all numerous times. We hope to return there for a longer visit later in the week. What a privilege to be there.

We headed back to church for a prayer meeting. This was an awesome time. There was some spontaneous singing intermingled with prayer. The prayer was so intense and Spirit led. The church here is passionate about their country. We also had some time to share some prayer requests form Blumenort Mennonite Church.

We did all that before supper time. It was a packed day. We enjoyed the evening back at our home with some good food and debriefing the activities of the day. We have loved meeting all the people here. They are so beautiful. At the same time we saw a lot of hardship and poverty today.

Praise God that we have all been healthy. Pray for cintinued health. Please pray energy and wisdom in all that we do here.

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