Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dave Rempel

Dave being treated at Bon Berger.

Dr. Delphin and his daughter Faith in front of his clinic.

This is a class where women are taught how to sew. This is a

part of Bon Berger.

Getting sick in DR Congo was not what I had in mind and I certainly didn’t think it would become a highlight of my time in Africa. But somehow, God has a way of surprising us in the way he can turn trials into blessings.

Dr. Delphin from Bon Berger was a major blessing to me. When he heard that I was sick he came to visit me and get me started on some medication. I didn’t recover as quickly as expected and so Delphin came the next day to help me through a consultation process at a clinic near the guest house we were staying at. He insisted that I come to Bon Berger for more testing and medical care. I was happy to go with him even though it meant a long and rough taxi ride and a precarious walk over a makeshift bridge. We had previously visited Bon Berger and so I knew that they gave excellent care, not only physically but also spiritually. I was put on an I.V. to get rehydrated and tested for malaria. I got some other meds for diarrhea and vomiting. Paul Peters spent the long night with me at the clinic which I was very grateful for.

Later that morning I found myself all alone in the hospital room. It was Sunday and a church service began a short distance form the clinic. The singing was beautiful and energetic. I felt such peace as they began to sing, “Precious Lord Take My Hand.”
By late afternoon I was feeling a bit stronger and ready to head back to our guest house.
I found out later that Jean Baptiste had been praying for me all night. Amazing!
Unbeknownst to me, my time at Bon Berger spoke loudly to the community. A North American patient had rarely or never gone there for treatment before.

We’ll see how God uses this experience for His glory. Thanks for all your prayers.

Dave R.

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