Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Agatha Falk

Pascal Kalunga

Agatha and Mama Sophie

We have arrived home safely!
What an awesome journey!
Praise God for safety and for a great team!
Praise God for all the people we have met along the way!
Praise God for the Congolese people! For the love they showered on us, for the love they have for God, for the love they have for the church, their families and their country!
Praise God for the hope they have even in the midst of trials and poverty! Mama Sophie has high dreams for her family. She came to me and begged me to remember her and her family. She is a nurse, but has not been able to work for quite some time due to illness. Her daughters Lynda and Sylvie are attending university and studying to become a doctor and a lawyer. Her sons Grace' and Gracious want to attend. She is asking for prayer and praying that someone will help her. She wants a better life for her family.

Pascal Kulungo is also a person that has a lot of hope and vision for his country. We spent some time in the home of Pascal and Thethe. We were treated with a great Conolese meal and given some insite on his dreams for his country. He states that what is needed, is for strong educated Christian leaders to be elected into the Parliament so they could advise the President. This way positive changes could occur that would affect the whole country. Pascal has studied in Sacramento, California and has previously addressed the United Nations in Washington. His goal is to become a member of Parliament. He is also very active in the church and serving the Lord!

Praise the Lord for these people and many others I could name! I hope to continue to learn from these experiences - how to radiate God's love more, to remember to take time for others, to value people more and be thankful for all the many blessings I have received. Praise the Lord for his goodness and mercy!

Thank-you for all your support and prayers!

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