Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I am really excited about going to DR Congo. Paul Peters has shared his excitement with me and the entire church family as he has developed relationships there over the last few years. It's been great to see him grow in his passion for the people of Congo. Paul has encouraged this church family (Blumenort Mennonite Church) to partner with the church in the Congo. We have just begun a three year partnership to help the Congolese church develop leaders. As a part of this partnership, this team will be traveling to Congo to learn and build relationships. I love God's church. It's His family. As a Youth Pastor, I feel like I have much to learn from the Congolese church. Please pray that I would allow my heart to be changed and transformed. Pray that I would be able to bring back home the things that he wants me to share. Pray for my family - it will be a challenge to be away from Erica and our children during this time. Pray for safety, health and team unity. Pray that God will be glorified through all of this and that we would set no boundaries for what He wants to do.

Dave Rempel

Going to the Congo is an exciting opportunity for me and I thank God for this challenge. I have never been off the North American continent, so this will be stretching me. Paul's enthusiam and love for the Congolese people and for establishing a partnership with the church in the Congo, definitely stirred my interest. As a Mission Committee, we wanted to send a team for relationship building with The Paroisse Missionaire congregation. Who would go? God revealed to me that I should be part of that team. I still have many questions, but I know God is Faithful! He will provide our needs! I am looking forward to his plans for this trip. I know that I will miss my husband Jake and family very much and it will be difficult to be so far away from everyone. Please pray for safety, for God's purpose to be revealed. For Health. For unity within the team. For our families. For a good relationship to be built with the church. For joy and wisdom to follow God's leading.

Agatha Falk

I am so excited to be returning to the Congo this summer. Last summer, I spent 4 weeks in Kinshasa through Action Winnipeg, and it was an incredible, changing experience for me. In taking a step into a brand new experience, I fell in love with the culture and the joy of the people, I was humbled by their faith, and I was blown away by how much I had to learn about faith and dependence on Christ.
I feel grateful and blessed to be a part of this team, representing Blumenort Mennonite Church, while returning to the Congo this summer. I have been sharing in Paul's excitement as this team has formed, and I am really excited about this new partnership that has been established between this church, and the church in the Congo. On this trip, I hope that I can help bridge language barriers using my French, and I can't wait to discover what we, as a team and as a part of God's church, can learn from the church in the Congo. Please pray that I will be able to effectively communicate when translating. Pray for open hearts and minds as we enter into a new culture and community. It's going to be a wonderful journey!

-Carianne Neufeld

Having seen Paul leave numerous times to go to the Congo and come back each time speaking of new experiences and the many relationships he has developed, made me want to go to the Congo and meet the people and see the country that Paul has such a passion for. I am looking forward to meeting the manyh people in the Congo who have touched Paul's life and helped shape him into the person that he is today. I am excited about the partnership that our church has with the Paroisse Missionare congregation. I think that we can learn a lot about faith and trusting in God from our Congolese brothers and sisters in Christ. I am thankful that I can be a part of the BMC team and want to thank all those who helped make this trip possible. Please pray that we might be a blessing to the people and that we will also be blessed. Pray that we might establish good relationships while we are there . Pray for my family as they continue in keeping things going at home while I am in Africa. Pray that I will have an open heart and will be able to have a clear mind to follow Gods leading.

Ray Peters

The last person on the team is Paul Peters. He is the person that has been to the Congo numerous times and has worked hard for the last number of years to establish a partnership between the Blumenort Mennonite Church and the Paroisse Missionare Church in the Congo. It is thru his efforts that this team is heading to Africa tomorrow afternoon. Paul has a passion for the people in the Congo and we are looking forward to interacting with the people and the church. Paul is the leader of this group and we look to him to direct us and allow us to interact with the people of the DR Congo. Pray that Paul will continue to have the strength and that God will direct him as he awaits the arrival of the BMC team.

On behalf of Paul by Ray.

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  1. Hi Agatha. Great to see that you are going. Tell me, when are you leaving and for how long?

    Art & Diane